State-of-the-art solution for online payments

The use of cell phones for payments is a trend of recent years. Since the first two machines of the Coca-Cola Company, which sold the drinks via SMS, were installed in the streets of Helsinki in 1997, this direction is being developed by leaps and bounds.

Many still believe that such a method is suitable only for the purchase of digital content, but this is totally wrong. Nowadays, mobile commerce is successfully used to pay for a huge range of goods and services - from utilities to movie tickets.

All that is required from your client is to enter your cell phone number in your online store or application and confirm payment via SMS. Shopping online has never been so simple and convenient!

Cell phones have long been used for sales by many companies: it is a convenient method of payment, saving the buyer's time and simultaneously ensuring the security of payments. All that is required is a cell phone. Win Pay will help you join the list of those who use the most innovative solutions.

Our specialists will offer you individual solutions that best meet the requirements of the market, industry, jurisdiction and other details and nuances.

Mobile network operators

Collected funds may be used, in full or in part, to make
subsequent payments, but this is not mandatory.

You are always free to choose!

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