Solutions for high-risk segments

Many platforms for remittances prefer to stay away from cooperation with companies engaged in the «high-risk» zone (like companies dealing with Forex, betting, gambling and so on).

Win Pay company, in its turn, is not scared by the phrase «high-risk». And there is a large number of companies operating in the markets of high-risk segment among our partners - both residents of the Russian Federation and representatives of other jurisdictions. We can say that we perfectly understand all their specifics and the nuances of their work - technical, legal, methodological.

In addition, our company is ready not only to help your business in the payments organization, but also to offer solutions for receiving payments, including «turnkey». Our experts will find the best way for you and provide the most convenient options, combining the services offered by Win Pay.

We enjoy successful cooperation with Marathonbet, 1XBet, Pari-Match, Binomo and other companies of this segment.

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