Payments through money transfer systems

Payments through money transfer systems haven't lost their relevance for many years. The main advantage of this type of transaction is the ability to receive cash at issuing points. That is why many people give preference to money transfer systems over other means of payment.

Thanks to the solutions offered by Win Pay, you can transfer the necessary sum to any person, even if he doesn't have a bank account. He will only need a passport and data on the transfer to get the money.

According to statistical data, penetration of bank cards in Russia is about 60% by the day. Cell phones are good for micropayments, but not for large transactions. And electronic wallets are still prerogative of technically savvy consumers. Payments through money transfer systems are good for everyone.

It is most convenient to use this type of transfers to pay for one-time or permanent orders for performers working under the scheme of freelancing. However, such translations are suitable for many other purposes. Our experts will help you to understand what is more suitable for your business.

With our help, your customers will only need a passport and transfer details to receive money.

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