Other channels you would like to use to make mass payments

Since the opening of Win Pay in July 2014, we have tried to focus primarily on our customers, not on anything else. And we believe that we have every right to be proud of the flexibility of our solutions. Changing these or other details, we can find the best option for everyone.

That is why the payment options listed on our portal are not all that our company can offer you. Are you interested in transfers to bank accounts? Or, perhaps, work with little-spread electronic wallets? Win Pay employees are ready to offer you many different options, and to pick the one that is most suitable for you.

Even if you did not find the option you need in the proposed list, do not rush to believe that Win Pay doesn't suit you. The full customer focus was the most important part of the company's policy from the very first days of its work. Are you interested in some unusual channels through which you would like to make massive payments?

Contact us to find a solution:

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